The Smart Choice for Prescription Drug Benefits

The Rx Prescription Drug Plan is an inexpensive benefit that addresses the high cost of prescription drugs. The benefit is easy to use with drugs separated into 4 levels of coverage providing a maximum fixed pay amount for each level.

By enrolling in this program, you will pay $10 or less for Level 1 prescription drugs, $20 or less for Level 2, $40 or less for Level 3 medications, and for Level 4 you will receive a discounted rate. Over 4,600 Prescription Drug Labels in Levels 1, 2 & 3.

• Freedom of Choice
• $10 or less for Level 1
• $20 or less for Level 2
• $40 or less for Level 3
• Discount for Level 4
• Mail Order Pharmacy
• Over 4,600 Drugs Available
• Over 53,000 Pharmacies
• Discount on All Brand Drugs
• Pre-Existing Conditions Okay
• Guarantee Issue
• Toll-Free Member Services
• No Deductibles
• No Age limits
• No Monthly/Annual Maximums
• No Claim Forms
• No Waiting Periods
• No Restrictions

Limitations and Eligible Medications: All medications are eligible unless noted below. The following drugs/products are EXCLUDED from coverage for the Rx Gold Plan Prescription Benefit. Products purchased from a non-participating pharmacy. Drugs or medications purchased with a prescription in excess of a 30 days supply, lawfully obtainable with a physician’s prescriptions whether or not in same unit dosage (i.e. over-the-counter – OTC Medications), or dispensed more than one year after the date of the prescription; experimental drugs or drugs labeled “Caution – limited by Federal Law to investigational use”; medications consumed or administered where dispensed; refills in excess of the number authorized; charges for the administration of any drug; oxygen (including administrations); therapeutic devices or support garments.

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The plan offered is a prescription savings plan and not insurance. Plan is subject to change. The plan may be suspended, cancelled or otherwise terminated with notice.

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