Alternative Ways of Alleviating Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Studies indicate that fibromyalgia symptoms can be alleviated by means of alternative home remedies. Fibromyalgia is a disorder that manifests itself as widespread pain in the bones and muscles. In addition to that, the most common symptoms are poor moods, fatigue and sleep problems. This medical condition is more rampant in women than men. However, there are severe cases among men in their later ages as well. Apart from gender, other risk factors include your medical history of depressive disorders, family history of fibromyalgia and other rheumatic diseases like lupus.

There are different ways of alleviating fibromyalgia. The most common pharmaceutical options are Gabapentin, Morphine patches, Tramadol, Lyrica and more. However, there are also some non-traditional ways of dealing with fibromyalgia symptoms. The most recommended ways include proper diet and some home remedies.

Healthy Diet

Changing your diet is the best thing you can do to cope with fibromyalgia. Cutting down on processed foods is the first step of alleviating symptoms. Minimal consumption of dairy foods, sugar, red meat and GMO foods makes a huge difference. Putting yourself on fibromyalgia diet will allow you to gain more energy and make pain less severe.

Cannabidiol Oil

Many patients have reported CDB oil to be very effective in alleviating fibromyalgia symptoms. It does not contain THC which usually causes euphoric effects. Cannabidiol oil helps both alleviate pain and initiate a sound sleep. This medication can be taken in capsules or drops.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are also very effective in alleviating pain. These can be placed in diffusers or mixed-matched in a roll-on bottle. They can also be applied on your skin. Rubbing lavender oil on the skin alleviates pain and promotes healthy sleep. Some small amounts of peppermint oil can be rubbed into parts of the head in case of headaches.


Meditation is a great way of relaxing and relieving mental and emotional stress caused by chronic pain. It involves taking deep breaths and focusing on something positive and pleasant. The ideal conditions for meditation call for quiet surroundings. Reducing mental stress also results in less physical pain.


The best way to deal with fibromyalgia symptoms is through a combination of good diet, preventive home remedies, and prescription medication. There is no one single medication that can treat this condition or its symptoms on its own. In addition to a drug that your doctor may prescribe you, coping with fibromyalgia also requires lifestyle changes like exercising and healthy eating, which will also help improve your overall health.