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Our pharmacy network includes over 53,000 pharmacies nationwide, including all major chains and independents.

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American Mail Order Pharmacy

You no longer have to stand in line at the pharmacy every month to get your prescription filled. Members accustomed to having their prescriptions filled at a local retail pharmacy may question what they gain, beyond savings, by using the Home Delivery Pharmacy Service. Once they try it, however, most are sold on the whole experience, including its convenience and the around-the-clock availability of our clinical staff should they have any questions. In fact, their overall experience has earned us a high level of loyalty. More than 95 percent of members who have used our Home Delivery Pharmacy Service do so again.

For American mail order Rx drug pricing call 1-800-774-2002

International Mail Order Pharmacy

Your prescriptions come only from licensed Canadian pharmacies. Guaranteed. We deal with licensed Canadian pharmacies only. Every medication provided through our network is clearly marked with the name, address, phone number and pharmacy number of the dispensing pharmacy.