Prescription Drug Plan Benefits

The benefits are administered through the use of an identification card that will be issued to the member upon enrollment. To fill a prescription, a member must present the card with a physician’s prescription at a participating pharmacy and pay the applicable amount.

Payment Levels

Level 1 – $10 or less. You pay $10 or less up to a maximum supply at participating pharmacies.

Level 2 – $20 or less. You pay $20 or less up to a maximum supply at participating pharmacies.

Level 3 – $40 or less. You pay $40 or less up to a maximum supply at participating pharmacies.

Level 4 – Discount Pricing. You pay the discounted price up to a maximum supply at participating pharmacies.

Savings are determined by your prescription, your pharmacy and where you live. For a current listing of preferred medications and corresponding quantities for each benefit level.

Find the Current Pricing of Rx Drugs

Sample Savings

Drug Type Typical Retail Drug Cost Rx Gold Plan Max Price Your Monthly Savings
GENERIC $40 $10 $30
BRAND $90 $40 $50

American Mail Order Pharmacy

Program offers a money-saving option to the standard retail pharmacy savings program. With deeper savings, exceptional customer service, and extensive quality control measures, Accessible Rx offers Members everything they want without ever having to leave their home.

  • Name Brand Drugs at 17% below AWP
  • Generic Drugs at MAC or 45% below AWP
  • Internet, Telephone, Fax, and Mail Ordering Options
  • Free Standard Shipping

Our Home Delivery Pharmacy Service can help Members realize cost savings of up to 15 percent on average compared with retail networks through:

  • Deeper discounts off the average wholesale price of drugs.
  • Fewer dispensing fees because of the extended days’ supply through mail order which offers up to a 100 day supply that is mailed directly to your home or office.
  • In addition, Members can see increased savings from faster adoption of generic drugs. Generic drugs contain the same active ingredients, strengths, and dosage forms (pill, liquid or injection) and are therapeutically equivalent to brand drug is assigned a name by its manufacture.

International Mail Order Pharmacy

You may be able to further maximize your savings by using our International mail order pharmacy for any medications that you currently take on a long-term or maintenance basis. You have direct access to discounted International programs for additional savings on thousands of prescription drugs. This mail order program will provide excellent savings and convenience.